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Change your life with the use of Young Living Essential Oils. Only about 10% of the plants on the Earth produce essential oils. These special flowers, herbs, roots, resins and plants may provide you with many spiritual and health benefits. Using the oils, Young Living has products for cleaning, for beauty and for aromatherapy.

Come experience the essential oils during our Crystal Singing Bowls Meditations, join in one of Laura's classes, host an EO party or schedule an individual consultation.
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meditate & paint

Intuitive Painting Party

sound vibration healing & meditation

Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation

Join our sound healing meditation practice to cultivate lasting serenity, balance and harmony.
CREATIVE FREQUENCIES fuses the richness of ancient sacred sound healing instruments with their own experimental contemporary technique. Each session builds your ability to manage stress and increase resilience through activating the body’s electromagnetic intelligence. Our space immerses you in sacred sound, aromatherapy, high vibration crystals, and fine art.
People experience such things as expanding their imagination, opening up of their hearts and finding higher guidance.

• Special Events
• Saturday Nights with Cacao Celebrations
• Join our Weekly Classes Tuesdays 8-9 pm

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class paintings

Intuitive Art  Workshop

Personalized sound healing session

Sound Healing

As certified sound healers in Acutonics, Kirt and Laura use Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks to unblock your chakras and transform your spirit to a higher frequency. Earth and Moon tuning forks are used to harmonize, tune and relax your body. Includes the use of a heated amethyst crystal BioMat, essential oils and crystals to increase your vibrance.

Personalized Sound Healing Session:
$88.00 for 60 min.
with Laura

$133.00 for 60 min. with
Laura & Kirt (Palmistry included)

If your time allows, leave 15 minutes before and after for orientation and debriefing.
Men will be scheduled with Kirt and women with Laura unless you choose both.
Call for appointment: 908-310-1476
email Laura:
Location: Creative Frequencies, Healing Room
3 Central Railroad, Glen Gardner, NJ 08826

how to use crystals

Crystal Grids

See Scheduled workshops on our Facebook Page or MeetUp.


Fine Art

 Laura studies natural flow patterns for her professional paintings and photographs. Since graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Master in Fine Arts in 2007 she has been exhibiting extensively in museums and galleries. "Laura McClanahan’s new paintings for “Cosmic Consciousness” explore the metaphor of water and light patterns to our patterns of thought and behavior. She believes that we can be aware of being in the flow or not and learn what is blocking our way. The artist states, “Noticing the synchronicity occurring around you can guide you though life with a sense of wonder and magic.” She performs in a weekly sacred sound healing meditation with her planetary chakra drums and flower of life gong that influences her state of serenity so she can be in a creative flow and feel connected to the universe.
The healing frequencies can be seen in her constructed cosmic universe of spirals, circles and flow patterns. Her paintings are created during a meditation as she pours paint outside so that the energy of the sunlight becomes a part of the painting as it dries. The work energetically calls in a cosmic scalar field by the generous use of earthly elements such as gold and quartz crystals embedded in the resin in her paintings. This literal cosmic force changes the ions in the air and creates a beneficial environment around the paintings.
 Ashok Jain Gallery, 58 Hester Street, New York 10002

See website below for portfolio of available artwork. Artwork is for sale. Call or email to book a free studio visit: 908-310-1476

Location:Home Studio
3 Central Railroad, Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 

Intuitive Painting Parties are designed to bring you deeper into finding your personal visual voice. First meditate to the Crystal Singing Bowls Guided Meditation and then easily paint with the provided acrylics on canvas. There is nothing in front of you to paint and there is nothing pre-planned. You will dig deep into your inner being to help you decide what colors and shapes to paint. In the end Laura guides the group discussion of the work to help you discover and interpret your personal dream like symbols.

Book your group party today at your location, $444.00 for up to 8 people. (additions possible)

908-310-1476 or

Materials Supplied (Acrylics, brushes and 12"x12" canvases... also plastic tarp, pallete paper and water cups)

2 Hrs.

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Sound Vibration Healing, crystal singing bowls, guided meditation

creative frequencies