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Being in the Flow

Being in the flow of life is my goal. These artworks express my research into water patterns and into the invisible energies all around us. As I study Unified Field Theory and Crystal Vibrational Science, I encounter bodies of suppressed knowledge that attempt to describe the spiraling geometry of the universe that is both fractal and holographic. Using poured paint or photographing rivers from an airplane I observe the same patterns at all scales. These vortexes, waves, and meanders show up and claim evidence to my perception that the visible and invisible forces are the same. Resistances also give evidence of this energy. I try to observe my thoughts and feelings and notice if I am trying to force something to happen or am I letting go and feeling trust and supported. This practice leads me to teaching and guiding others through sound healing meditations. My husband, Kirt and I started a business called “Creative Frequencies” in 2012 giving weekly chakra crystal singing bowls and planetary gong sound healing meditations. The rhythms and vibrations we produce greatly affect my artwork and my own sensitivities to the earth and cosmic energies. Sound healing can help to de-calcify the pineal gland, a tiny crystal eye in the center of our brains. It can awaken a person spiritually and deprogram them from false negative beliefs.

In my paintings I set up areas of resistance and watch the paint flow around the obstacles in its path. I lay canvas on the ground and allow the earth to participate with my process. Painting outside exclusively lets the sun and earth frequencies dry into my paintings. My research questions what is in the water, how does it form and flow and respond to our consciousness. I am interested in ORMES or monoatomic minerals and how these quantum microcrystalline structures in water make spring water rise to the surface and transition. Using gold and silver and other mineral based paints, I create a luminous effect to bring about a feeling of abundance. Mixing metals, crystals or sand in with resin squeezes the quartz creating a piezoelectricity, a one second pulsation like in Quartz watches. This creates negative ions like a Himalayan salt lamp and produces healing energy into the air around my paintings. They activate a space and protect one from detrimental EMF radiation.

Laura McClanahan Showcased at Ashok Jain in NYC

Ashok Jain Gallery NYC

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