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The Violet Wars

When I first channeled about The Violet Wars, (see poem below) I was a little concerned by the word war, but now weeks later another channeling has come through that explains it more. It really is about our thinking, bodies and sanity. How can we be sane when there are parasites with in us controlling our cravings and making unconscious decisions for us for their own survival. I first heard of this concept through Dr. Robert Cassar of Earther Academy in Hawaii. His perspective set me on a new trajectory in my sobriety that validated my abstinence from refined sugar. Enter in if you will, to the inner-frontier where the war is with-in and the external world is a distraction from the deeper work of getting clear minded and thinking your own thoughts... combined with your heart and love and free will. Amethyst crystals are your weapons for this war.

The Violet Wars


3:03 am

Coming to your shores, A light battle of sorts, from alabaster stones to shine Violet Light upon the thrones of all in power to debunk the night and open our eyes to see the light, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red wave frequencies of Light instead of dead. Healing measures and super powers bring back the cycle of Love. -The Peace and Hippie Movement with a new cause –for you because we love you. Peace on Earth & Heaven is a state of advancement in Light a molecular Grace. No shadows, no trace of material density, A way out of pain, a way to be sane, Once again, once again, once again.



3:33 am

Non-linear mind of mine, over and over the time, cyclical thinking to wind and decline and bring you back to the road of black and white, the appetite of all that’s bright white and dark through out the night. Contrast of home to the planetary aberration of ancient past: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus come closer, closer and closer, to play with us and sing us a song of harmonizing we long to hear, we are a creation of bacterial worth, a hybridization of everything from birth. Conglomeration of solar star frequencies of light, sound and geometries of orbicular sprouts, round and charming of cellular debris, converting bacteria to mighty production factories of all weeds that we keep. Discard out the unhealthy and wise; make no decisions from the parasites’ eyes. They see the light as they kill us off, but perhaps our mind can be our own again, when Violet Wars end. Violet Light shines through to my bones, vibration song of healing that throws off a frequency unpleasant to the worms, flush them out and they clamor to return, but digest this well and use your tools, Amethyst Crystals will help you out, the stones hold your light, ultra-violet human will, will shine brighter tonight with in your cells. Generate this self-love to bring in more time. Circle back the ages to youth-enize the young lies we live to thrive and die. These are non-linear ties.

Bio-electrical Trance, 40"x40", Gemstone Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ

Bio-electrical Trance, 40"x40" by Laura McClanahan, at the Gemstone Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ

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