Heart Chakra, Self-love, Empathy

(F) Heart Chakra - Fire Quartz

  • See my channeled Kundalini Crystal Cards for guidance on how to use and what this crystal might do for you as you work with it in meditation or healing practices. A card will be included with your purchase. Read the poetry on the card for an activation. The words create abstract imagery in your mind and the meanings are influenced by your personal experiences.

    Photographs are of both sides of the crystal shown in the hand. They are aprox. 200 grams (+ or -) Hold these crystals in the hand or place on the body to warm them up and look for the pulsation or tingling feeling from the piezoelectic quartz and other minerals making up these beautiful Madagascar earth stones.

  • These “Kundalini Crystals” from Madagascar have powerful pulsating frequencies. Feel them tingle in your hands while they amplify your energy field. They are new to surface of the Earth, mined since 2012, the year Kirt and Laura started Creative Frequencies. This synchronicity attracted them and pointed the way for the healers to select them as a set for the chakras. In Laura’s research into vibrational healing, color and art, she learned how to use ancient Egyptian and Atlantian tools to test for beneficial Centering Vibrations, the color rays of the rainbow as well as Infra-Red, Black, White, and Negative Green. Adaptogenic by nature, like in herbal medicine, the crystals harmonize your body. Enjoy her intuitive poetry for each crystal. Laura states, “May this offering of reflective insight into these crystal tools aid you during this time of Ascension.”

    This set of Kundalini Crystals has developed during the year 2017 as a download from Laura's guides, "Grand Ma Ma". They often speak of Everlast, a place where we are eternal beings, a place of love beyond the plane of pain.

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