Creative Frequencies Sacred Sound Healing Meditations

Join our sound healing meditation practice to cultivate lasting serenity, balance and harmony. CREATIVE FREQUENCIES fuses the richness of ancient sacred sound healing instruments with their own experimental contemporary technique. Each session builds your ability to manage stress and increase resilience through activating the body’s electromagnetic intelligence. The “Sound Bath” immerses you in the soothing frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls, the Flower of Life Gong, Planetary Chakra drums, lightly guided imagery, aromatherapy, and high vibration Kundalini Crystals.People experience such things as being able to meditate, pain relief, expanding their imagination, opening up of their hearts and finding higher guidance.

Your Guides; Kirt Thoren and Laura McClanahan of Creative Frequencies, Certified Sound Healers

Upcoming Private Events Hawai'i

Hawaiian Sanctuary - Sacred Sound Healing Events
6:00 PM Fridays
Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat Center
6:00 PM Fridays
Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat Center, 13-3194 Pahoa Kalapana Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778, USA
6:00 pm Fridays, Sacred Sound Healing Meditation with Creative Frequencies On-going weekly event, please check with Hawaiian Sanctuary if Dance is open.

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