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Heart Shaped to hold in the hand and activate the Chakras.

Creative Frequencies’ “Kundalini Crystals” are intended to help open the flow of Prana (life force) in the body. These Madagascar crystal hearts are powerful tools to open the energy centers of the body. Learn more about the chakras and these amazing adaptogenic crystals that help your body adapt to biological and psychological stress. Enjoy the abstract poetry written by Laura. As you read the poems, let the words wash over you, personally activating you, Each person may interpret the cards differently. Enjoy finding new meanings over time. 


These crystals are for you to hold in your hands so you may feel their amazing pulsating piezoelectric effects. People may experience comfort, warmth, tingling and the sensation the crystal is holding their hand. We have carefully selected the size, shape and weight. for the best palm fit. All crystals are cleared after with our own mix of Crystal Clear Spray, ready for you to take home, -collect them all. 

All cards are the exclusive copyright of Laura McClanahan.

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“This chart of the body demonstrates the 12-chakra system I designed based on a 12-tone sequence of half-step notes, energy centers of the body and my channeled guidance. Each spinning energy center or chakra is double-sided. I perceive these funnels going through the front and back of the of the body, connected to the spinal fluid and resonating with the 33 bones in the spinal column that includes the tail bones. This is perhaps the occult secret of the master number 33 and the Holy Grail may be the head or chalice that holds the pineal gland. The pineal gland has light crystals that create piezoelectricity as well as our bones that act like crystals too. The advantage of working with these Kundalini Crystals is their mineral content with a centering vibration and adaptogenic quality in addition to the piezoelectricity of the quartz inside. Activate them by squeezing and warming them in your hands and look for a tingling or pulsating feeling. This stimulates your body's own electromagnetic intelligence for self-healing. They work to harmonize you and keep your energy flowing. Used during sleep, meditation and sound healing, I have found these crystals to amplify this effect clearing and aligning each chakra and increasing blood circulation. 

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