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Sacred Scents

Healing & Uplifting Essential Oils

We exist in biological unity and harmony with Sacred Plants. The essential oils of these sacred plants can bring you to higher spiritual awareness, we invite you to our Sacred Sound Healing Meditations where you can experience our Crystal Clear essential oil blend as a clearing tool to change the energy in the space creating a beneficial environment. We also use this on our Kundalini Crystals, ourselves and our instruments. See links below to explore these Sacred Plants' Essential Oils.

Crystal Clear


Experience Creative Frequencies' CRYSTAL CLEAR blend of essential oils at our sound healing events for sale or purchase in our Crystal Shop. This blend is based on our studies of Vibrational Science and BioGeometry. It clear crystals as well as yourself. Also use it as a room spray or personal body spray. These oils of Sacred Frankincense, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood and other essential oils increase the amplitude of any frequency, bringing in a higher harmonic of gold. This vibration is centering and balancing while uplifting everything in its "myst". 


Learn more about the essential oils and make your own blends for spiritual awareness, meditation and healing. Click link below to get retail or wholesale pricing. Join us in using and getting to know Young Living's collections, we offer you Our Enrollment and Sponsor Number: 1495674.

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