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Join our sound healing meditation practice to cultivate lasting serenity, balance and harmony.

CREATIVE FREQUENCIES fuses the richness of ancient sacred sound healing instruments with their own experimental contemporary technique. Each session builds your ability to manage stress and increase resilience through activating the body’s electromagnetic intelligence. The “Sound Bath” immerses you in the soothing frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls, the Flower of Life Gong, Planetary Chakra drums, lightly guided imagery, aromatherapy, and high vibration Kundalini Crystals.

People experience such things as being able to meditate, pain relief, expanding their imagination, opening up of their hearts and finding higher guidance.

Your Guides; Kirt Thoren and Laura McClanahan of Creative Frequencies, Certified Sound Healers

Sound Healers Kirt Thoren and Laura McClanahan, Artist

Creative Frequencies

Creative Frequencies started in 2012 with Kirt & Laura seeking new ways of increasing their intuitive skills. They created space for meditation using Crystal Singing Bowls, including art, crystals and essentials oils as tools to unblock and expand. Getting Certified from the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine was one of the many steps along their path. They were mentored for 1 year under a psychic, took Mediumship and Palmistry classes as they learned intuitively to play music by listening and experimenting. Philosophically they do not align themselves with any spiritual tradition, but remain open, ever researching, learning and growing. In 2019, They expanded their practice to include events on the Big Island of Hawaii. In 2020, all events moved to Hawaii.

Kirt Thoren, Sound Healer, Palmistry and Crstal Singing Bowls

Kirt Thoren

Kirt Thoren, is co-founder of Creative Frequencies, a husband and wife team entrepreneurship that serves as a model for spiritual leadership and personal growth. Their mission is to provide a safe space for people to unblock, heal and find their unique

creative talents. Kirt plays the crystal singing bowls, and gives an original unplanned guided meditation to enhance the creative imagination and connect our Spirits to the Earth and Cosmos. An innovative and revolutionary personality, Kirt is a proponent for questioning everything, especially our programming, His favorite pastime is giving Palmistry Readings to help others become more aware of their thought patterns.

Laura in Hawaii wearing her Art T-shirt inspired by sound healing and water

Laura McClanahan, MFA

Laura McClanahan-Thoren, MFA, holds a master’s degree in studio art. Her past teaching of organic architecture and current research into sacred geometry feeds her studio practice in abstract painting. As an advocate for creative expression, Laura creates energy flow artworks influenced by her sound meditations and poetic channeling.  A certified sound healer, Laura is co-founder of Creative Frequencies and plays the Flower of Life gong and planetary chakra drums during the sound healing meditations. Her healing paintings can be seen at Gemstone Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ, in her NYC galleries and art fairs worldwide.



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