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Dolphin Swim

12:12 am 1/30/2020

Our first swim with the dolphins in 2020! I could not sleep that night and in came this channeling direct from the dolphins at 12:12 am. May you feel them singing through us and creating attunements for all at Creative Frequencies Sound Healings. See video below!

"You take me under your wing and we fly in the sky together to dream out loud in the cloud. Spin me around to see the sea and enter once more the blue aqua Sapphire treasure trove -that you love. The Surrounding Ringing in your ear -shines clear the way to your new path. Re-inventing yourself once again to re-new and re-cite The Chant of All Romance. The clinging is gone and we follow along to harmonize and synchronize your being.

Mirror twin sister of mine, we find one another in the deep dark cover of ocean blue. We came from the same planet too. The Lifetimes of Dance and playing in the Reflection of Water Haze created this Romance. In love with oneself, this sets you free and travels to the ocean where we can roam –Roam, Roma, Romance, Gypsy Nomadic Prance –wild and untangled, we see you at the edge of the sea and beckon you in to swim.

The historic poet lay in the deepest part of you -The ancient writer scribe that un-lays the ways of new. The old time is gone and now we have moved on, to re-new and re-store you in the sun.


ional match, the sonic waves do not clash, but synchronize your ear to hear Ever Clear. A new sound abounds in your repertoire of harmonic bliss. A Note of Attune to sing to your group -The soup of the sea that brings back the We. The pleasure of this song is that we gave it to you all along, but its now that you’ll know, its from us, your Sister Dolphin’s note. Hear it and belong." -Laura McClanahan

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