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Flower of Life Gong Song


This morning's download about my gong! Channeled poetry from my guides, Grand Ma Ma.

Hear the Song of the Lullaby Gong. Chanting, Enchanting your tune. A Wonderful flute for all to heal, heal well and forget your cares of grievances and woes, come back home to your spectacular bows of glistening sounds and surrounds of love and light abound, Love of all, love of one love unto yourself with or without this song. Light of all, light of love, light with or without this day time long. You are eternal, a being of light, an orb, a sphere of vector equilibrium, a rotational song to clear. Listen here, listen in and take a stand to swim in the ocean with Mes and carry us please to the next interdimensionality. The Whales and Dolphins are ready to play. Ready to show you the way to open up your sleigh and share your home with the wonders of the sea. Salt water electrifies and amplifies your wishes and synchronices. Powerful strokes takes chokes and open them up to relax the throat. Breathe, breathe, breathe again and sneeze again to clear your passage, your vocal chords, your way of expressing both your heart and healing lungs. The air inserted, the air drawn out, breathe deeply without a doubt and tune into your sound, the crystal clear volume of air, the wave ,the vortex, the speaker of flair, your unique sound, breath it in and out. Allow, Allow, Allow your note, bellow it out to destress your choke.

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