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Pegasus' Wish

Pegasus’ Wish

6/30/2018 3:03 AM

Pegasus you must know, your spirit animal flying high in the sky, the white horse of course to the eye. But really a Wizard with wings is what it means – Companion to Zeus a serious boost, electrical flight into the night.

Where did all the Angels go? You want to know this plight? Wake up in the night to hear the wind upon you ear so clear, the meaning of The Love inside, is the wonder of the Glove that fits, to feel the Will of all that’s tight. A match, a making of the spirit animal by your side, a stride, a strife of open wounds, that heal and close with immortal ascension to reach the Rainbow’s End. -The light frequencies of all above to descend upon your brow. Open now my Sacred Cow to Light Everlast in your house of mansions past. The wonder of it all is the chance to head the Call to get very, very small, like a little rolling ball and come back up again, rising from the ashes to crashes through the crystal blue sky and Fly, Fly, Fly!

-Rainbow bright the power of your might, a crystal by your light wand of all tonight. The magic is in the night, where you can take it to the stars. These glistening dark hole decorative Loves, these Stars that Spin in Vortexjah above, become black and the sky white, reversal of the night to once again believe in the Golden Race of being, we beam and gleam with abundance stream to transform dark to light. This is Pegasus’ Wish. -Channeling via Laura McClanahan

Geometries of Living Light, 24"x24" painting

"GEOMETRIES OF LIVING LIGHT", 24"x24", Sea Jasper, Agate Geodes with acrylic and resin on canvas,

Laura McClanahan, Original Painting available at the Gemstone Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ

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