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3:33 AM

Often I wake up in the middle of the night hearing tapping in the ear, usually around 3:33 am. This is when I know messages are coming through for me to share with you. They usually are poetic and of a very loving nature. I feel comforted by these words that have been coming to me since 2014, a year after Kirt and I started Creative Frequencies. The first time I heard poems like this in my ear was April 2014 and I was sick with the flu for the entire month. During that time, messages and new energies were upgrading me perhaps and helping me become more aware of the subtle energies of what might be called the cosmic web. They first started off as personal information from a source calling themselves Grand Ma Ma, and then I found when someone was coming for a personal sound healing at my house I could write their name and get a one page channeled poem as a message for them. These were often verified immediately as I'd put my pen down and read the poem to them as they walked in the door before I could heard about their updates. Often crystals were mentioned in the channeling. Then I started holding crystals and getting messages about them. This led to the creation over the entire year of 2017 of my 12 heart shaped, Kundalini Crystal set with cards for each stone of the channeled poem and photograph. I also found my paintings matched up with each crystal perfectly like they were premonitions for the crystals coming into my life. Enjoy the message and if you like, allow yourself to feel it, the words bring in an energy that may activate you from a higher dimension.

GUARDIAN GRID, painting by Laura 20"x20"

3:33 AM

A Dream, a thought, a light, brings about a connection thread of all that’s Right.

Enter into your Zone of Wonderment –the plane of Endlessness, the Path of Love.

Unconditionality plays its part –feelings of self-love and lessening appetite. 12 stones of lessons to help you out –de-stress the chakras and Let in Light to hold in the cells –Cellular Regeneration of living stars –the micro mitochondrion shootings from Mars. Many times we’ve allowed this in, and many times we’ve had to grin at the Lost and Listlessness of the unconscious mind –the spirit and body complex of the Divine. We sing you a song of Memory’s Long to help you sleep through the night except for the twilight zone of 3:33 a Miracle Connection unto me. The time is ripe to seek me out, the inner and higher guidance of the cells, cellular fusion of inner and outer worlds –Inter-dimensional portals open up with in your walls of knowing oneself. Uncover and discover what lies beneath, the Relaxation of trauma to hemi-synch. Both sides of the brain balance and cancel out the chatter and clatter of self-doubt. Bring into yourself a wonderful note, a sound, a call, a yell to un-hold the final Woke. Wake-up, allow, allow, allow and let in the energy and vibrations of tingling hands. Feel my presence, be present, be one. Let in the light of the One who Lights your way to Everlast, your guide, your host, to things unknown, to lands so strange and surreal your cloaking device has all you need, invisibility suit to ride the wave to these foreign lands and back again. Imagine imagination beyond your scope to allow these visuals to unfold and bring you back to a whole vision of potential precision –A focused state of clean and clear, imagine imagination that sends you home, back to your land of soul family. They await you there in Astral form, higher dimensions of Laser Light, like a string, strung up, but not too tight –A sway, a swagger, and meandering wave, a River of Love for you to gaze. Your Astral form is beyond this haze of confusion and illusion to put you at ease; we take out this part of you that cannot sneeze. So now clear your portal in the pineal gland and let through your inner light to support your immune system, your angels of light with in your body, reflecting your star family in the night sky and activate this clearing now to allow in the new energies of the solar flare. The Seed Crystals of all to become aware, awake now to a new you, more than just this, an inter-dimensional life too.

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