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3:33 AM

Often I wake up in the middle of the night hearing tapping in the ear, usually around 3:33 am. This is when I know messages are coming through for me to share with you. They usually are poetic and of a very loving nature. I feel comforted by these words that have been coming to me since 2014, a year after Kirt and I started Creative Frequencies. The first time I heard poems like this in my ear was April 2014 and I was sick with the flu for the entire month. During that time, messages and new energies were upgrading me perhaps and helping me become more aware of the subtle energies of what might be called the cosmic web. They first started off as personal information from a source calling themselves Grand Ma Ma, and then I found when someone was coming for a personal sound healing at my house I could write their name and get a one page channeled poem as a message for them. These were often verified immediately as I'd put my pen down and read the poem to them as they walked in the door before I could heard about their updates. Often crystals were mentioned in the channeling. Then I started holding crystals and getting messages about them. This led to the creation over the entire year of 2017 of my 12 heart shaped, Kundalini Crystal set wit