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Angel Twist

"The Twist of Angels is Their Angles. Coming down sideways to the Earth they flicker and flutter from birth. Remarkable are they with awe of ease. Large wings upon their backs do please. The Eye of the beholder, sees what they want, a true monster is not in the forefront. The mind allows for beautiful things, but lurking inside is a cruelty spin, a twisted concoction, a created being. A DNA tangle to boost abilities before the love grows –gardening out in rows and rows, production factory of narrow nose and sing songy words to impose their will upon you. You are their plaything, a monkey to them –The entertainment of all their Kin. How they laugh and dance and fly about, hackling and cackling into the night. When they take flight it’s a terrible thing –sharp edges upon their wings will cut your skin when they get too close. Like a cat scratch you can’t explain, waking up with red skin or an itchy pain. Beware of this trap, these beautiful things, take form as tricksters to lure you tame."

Original Poetic Channeling via Laura McClanahan

"Cosmic Disclosure", 36"x48", Acrylic, Gold Mica Paint and Resin on Canvas

Cosmic Disclosure, Abstract Visionary Painting by Laura McClanahan
Art Santa Fe, "Cosmic Disclosure" & "Brilliant Pebbles"

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