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Dorothy's Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance, Repeat, Repeat, The Mind on a loop you wouldn't keep.

Allow in your Sacred Cow and hear one-self yell to the Now.

Once you went in and twice you came back, this created a surface attack –The skin of mine so fine, so fine, not understanding the Divine. When hunkering down on a Winter's Night, your fear creates an appetite for all that's Dear to Disappear.

-More about Self and letting in the monster on the shelf. The solution is dilution, letting go of past guilt. Filter through to the filth to see the Light of day, where it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK.

There we relax, the Sun has it’s chance to purify and sanctify your precious stones of rods and cones. The meaning in the seeing, the interpretation changes –The choice of a new way.

So find your answer within my love, and love the Self without the need of a reactionary contrary kind. The kind of mind you can unwind, you can manage to care for Self, not expecting and gaining wealth. Letting in the sweeter though, is just next door to the abhorrent dream that you repeat, repeat, repeat. So take out the stick and burn it up and find the trick of Self-Love that fills your cup, each day a way of healing within, memory’s triggers no longer spin.

"Setting You Free", 4ft.x15ft. Arcylic, ink and water color on canvas

"Setting You Free", Original Abstract Visionary Painting by Laura McClanahan

4ft.x15ft., acrylic, ink and water color on canvas.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, sets out on her path to the yellow brick road, this story is getting old, but how else do we learn?

-The hero embarks on her lengthy journey, rebellious and full of miss-steps.

Something with-in burns hot to see the truth in all we belong to a race of human grace and let the character folly. It’s part of the call to carry the sleigh, the burden of us all.

Finding one-self – true purpose of course, why you are here and what do you care? It takes courage, a digging from within, the circle of life begins, begins.

Once on your own, you flee, you’re free, it’s a terrible, terrible, giddy glee.

Alone at last, but your past still beckons you. -How to hear oneself and stay true to the higher you. Your higher purpose seems nearer and nearer, waiting for the mirror. This self-reflection tells you much. It’s about to turn you luck.

Then climb on down into the abyss, letting yourself take the chance you’ve missed.

This leap of hope brings out your hero, your way of seeing through the mirror.

Everything becomes much clearer, that it not just about you. The other shoe never drops and you realize the story is a play with props.

Artificial concepts plagued you within, now you can only grin and laugh them off and receive the doubt like its your clout and know with in your candle will not dim. You burn hot inside, a combustion devise, a heat sensory experience of Light.

Light burning through the darkest hour and lets you see you into the marrow.

-The bone matrix of piezoelectric Light. The Inner Light of transportation song, where you belong, where you belong, where you belong.

Luminosity takes many forms, its not just a grand stand, but a mourning of loss of outer Self-projection and clear and accurate reflection of who and why you are here, to be, to be, to be, your curiosity, your activity is sacred unto yourself. Self has an answer non local to your cell, a higher mind of the Divine, you can tune into or withdrawal, the choice is one to make and take a risk each time –To allow the higher self in, the remediate and meditate. What triggers make you thin? What weakens you to where you want to throw in the net worth of your soul?

What motivates you to find your path and journey out to Everlast? -At last, at last, at last.

A chance to stay and play and sing a song that you belong. A Song of your own tune, attunement of your field, the electromagnetic shield. This does yield Resolution, Resolvement and Wonderment to your being. A release, a relaxing chance to glance into what matters and choose not to confuse.

Cognitive Dissonance Resolution Instrument.

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