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The Eye of Newt - 3rd Eye Chakra

This month of June, I have chosen to share more about the Third Eye Chakra, Kundalini Crystal of Indigo Gabbro. Attached is the channeling about this Kundalini Crystal. I designed this set of 12 stones to work with opening up the chakras and balancing the body, mind, spirit complex. They are true adaptogens, like the herbs, to harmonize your energy body with in and with out.

These cards have the channeling I wrote about each crystal, but also here is one that came to me last night about the "Eye of Newt". Since it came up in the poem about Indigo Gabbro, more information came through to further explain the meaning of Eye of Newt.

I also think its interesting that a wizard is mentioned, since the other name for Indigo Gabbro is Mystic Merlinite. So first is the channeling on the card about the crystal and then in the end I will add the additional "Eye of Newt" info! Enjoy this magical potion of light!

Third Eye Chakra

"The Eye of Wonder, The Eye of Newt, an ingredient in a witch’s brew, a stew for you to consume at night, a protection spell for one you know so well –A way of obtaining a certain gift, giving and sharing your insight.

Inner-Vision, Inner-Light, A way to consume a mix of energies that light your way to opening up –Waking up to what’s in your cup, your chalice of your inner eye, the ingredient of flash to open the sight.

Flash is a bright preponderance, a contemplative state. You are one for which it’s not too late, to consume this egg, the chrysalis within, transform, transmute the energy of the sun to an un-shameful place without a trace of reckoning or wreckage from your past –Outcast darkness toward Everlast.

The wayward sun, the number one, the inner light of true delight. Transmute the guilt to be beyond pain, away from excessive heat or freezing rain. Balance within, within your vision, A clear, clear path, no indecision. You know your way, a wonderful trist, a wizard’s day upon the Earth, self assured, self assured, self assured."

Original Poetic Channeling by Laura McClanahan

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